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Understanding Automotive Financing

Understanding Automotive Financing

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You have diverse options when it comes to choosing the right type of vehicle that best suits your budget and lifestyle. On a similar note, you can have a number of choices with regard to automotive financing.  Depending on your present financial situation, you can identify the right financing option that will help you fulfill your obligations with ease.

You are most likely to choose any of the following payment options:

  • An auto loan or lease from Twin Motors
  • An auto loan that you secure from your bank or credit union
  • Your savings
  • Income that you have earned from your investments
  • Amount of credit that your bank can allow you to avail


Why Twin Motors?

At Twin Motors, we have a team of highly-experienced professionals called Finance Managers who are committed to securing your auto financing in the most efficient and timely manner. They are actually auto loan brokers who can capitalize on their expertise and experience to help you secure the best deals. And this is primarily facilitated through the partnerships that Twin Motors has established with some of Canada’s leading chartered banks, including TD Bank, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, National Bank, Credit Union, Ally Financial and many others. These banks have separate and specialized auto loan departments, called the Dealer Plan Lending Centres, which collaborate closely with Twin Motors to help our customers get access to vehicle loans in a quick and hassle-free way.

Our professionals are noted for their negotiation skills and their close tie-ups with our partners, which translate into optimal interest rates and favourable loan-terms for our customers. Our brokers do large businesses with our partner banks because of which we are able to offer the lowest possible interest rates to our customers.

The Twin Motors Edge

  • Best Interest Rates: The volume of auto loan business that we handle is substantially large and this allows our partner banks to offer low-interest financing to our customers. We offer programs with fixed as well as variable interest rates, thereby allowing our customers to choose the best possible option. Notably, most customers prefer to go for our fixed-interest-rate program so that they can keep their line of credit open for other purchases or investments.
  • Flexible Down Payment Terms: We offer flexible down payment options, giving you the complete freedom to choose your down payment amount. You can even choose to go without any down payment and receive 100 percent financing for your purchase.
  • Access to a New Credit Source: When you get, your car financed through Twin Motors, you get access to multiple sources of credit, which will allow you to compare programs for your future requirements. Additionally, you can secure more credit by establishing relationships with more than one source.
  • Customized Loan/ Lease Packages: We offer customized loan/lease programs that will allow you to fulfill your payment obligations easily. For example, you can choose your monthly instalment payment date, defer your payments, and even pay on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. You can even choose a loan term that extends up to 96 months in order to manage your installments well.
  • Prompt Processing: Our professionals can seek loan approvals within a few minutes after the application process is completed. We deploy the most advanced technologies to complete the approval process smoothly and efficiently.
  • Hassle-free Experience: Our professionals are authorized to outline the loan agreement on behalf of the chartered bank, which means that you will not be required to visit a bank’s branch to complete your formalities.
  • Conditional Sale Agreements: We offer open agreements that allow our customers to pay off a loan at any point of time without being subjected to interest penalties.
  • Insurance Protection: We offer life insurance as well as disability insurance for your auto loan. With life insurance protection, in the event of your death, you will have your liabilities paid off. This will keep your estate free from any obligation. If you are hit by a disability at some point of time and are unable to go to work, your payments will be made until you resume work.
  • Value-added Programs: We have designed special programs for our varied customer demographics with the objective of providing the highest level of service to our customers. For example, some of our programs are geared to help customers who are new to Canada and want help in securing car financing. Additionally, we have made special programs available for college or university graduates to help them secure car financing even with small down payment and without a co-signer.


Our professionals are specially trained to handle special scenarios that may include poor credit history, payment affordability, and constraints related to gender or age. If you have a constraint that is keeping you from purchasing an automobile, do free to call anyone of our locations. Our Finance Managers can work with you closely to improve your chances of securing a car loan approval with the best possible interest rate and terms.

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